Why play Korfball?

Why choose Korfball as a sport to play?  Simple, its fun, fast and completely mixed sex.  50% male and 50% female, on an even footing, the ideal sport to play if you want something to do together that's a team sport.

Take a look at the promo to check it out and see what you think!!  We do it a little less "Glitzy" in Horfield!!

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2014-15 Season

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What happened last Season?? Well, we had 3 teams for the very first time in the clubs history and it went really well.
If you want to find out what else happened then read on..


2015-16 Season

So what does the new upcoming season have in store?  A second season with 3 teams is for sure and all are looking to improve.  For more info on what we have planned and are looking to achieve then read on...


Introducing Horfield Korfball Club

Horfield Korfball Club is a great club, friendly, welcoming and competitive.  A club that's been going since 2002 and was formed by a select few from within another Bristol Korfball Club.  We still have a founding member within the club and shes still playing aswell as currently being the chair of the area associated that we are affiliated to.

We have 3 teams playing across the South West Leagues:

Horfield 1 (SWKA League 1)

Horfield 2 (SWKA League 2)

Horfield 3 (SWKA League 2)

So no matter what your ability there is a place for you to play, this is something we encourage, the more you play, the more you learn and the more you enjoy it..  So what are you waiting for, come along to any of the training sessions that you see under our training area and we'll show you the ropes if you know nothing and help you hone the skills if you already know all about the sport.



Please bear with us as we continue to build the site, new content and updates are being added weekly and within the next couple of weeks we should be fully functional and all guns blazing (or should that be all shots firing)!!



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Find some interesting documents like our AGM Minutes and other riveting reads...


Easy to start

Easy to start

You don't need to know anything about Korfball to come and start playing.  Its handy to be able to throw and catch a ball and be able to run a bit.  After that we'll teach you the rest.  Why not give us a try, find our training times at the link below and keep an eye on the Facebook page where we update any upcoming Social activities too.

Training Times


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Wednesday 23rd March at Gloucestershire Cricket Club 8:00pm - 10:00pm

Mondays at City Academy, St George - 8:30pm - 9:30pm

Docs and Policies

We are a club looking to go through the new EKA process for "Club Health", providing policies on how we run the club and the "common sense" standards that we are looking to adopt.

You can find copies of these at the link below if you want to see how we do things!


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